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We appreciate all delegates who attended BBS SUMMIT and also appreciate all those who paied attention to BBS SUMMIT

                        Looking forward to seeing you on BBS 2017

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The 4th China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit (BBS 2016) has been successfully held in Beijing Palace Garden Hotel on Apr.23rd, 2016. BBS 2016 Organizing Committee has brought together more than 700 representatives from industrial enterprises, research institutes as well as colleges over 20 countries.

(BBS2016 Main Forum)

[Main Forum: Transformation and Upgrading & Comprehensive and High-value Utilization]

At the begining, Xu Cheng, Former Director, S&T Dept. of Ministry of Agriculture has given us a speech on Approaches for Chinese Biomass industry to Lift Themselves off the Hooks under Rigid Circumstances, In Pro.Chengs speech, this is very important to seek for a good countermeasures for transformation and upgrading & comprehensive and high-value utilization of bioenergy such as improving industrys economic benefit through multi-ways, changing the forestry operation mode by innovative technologywood changes to oil and so on.

(Xu Cheng, Former Director, S&T Dept. of Ministry of Agriculture)

Then, Jingming Li, Director, Renewable Energy Division, Rural Energy and Environment Agency speeched on Promotion of Biogas Development by the Supply-side Reform.

(Jingming Li, Director, Renewable Energy Division, Rural Energy and Environment Agency)

Qisheng Zhang, Academician,Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced Integrated innovation and application of biomass gasification coproduction "electric-charcoal - fertilizer - hot (cold)" technology by four aspects: Biomass Gasification Technology, Gasification Combined Technology Products, Gasification Combined Technology Equipments and Recovering Liquid and Carbon for Producing Fertilizer.

(Qisheng Zhang, Academician,Chinese Academy of Engineering)

And then, they joined the panel discussion with Xiaosong Wu , Former Deputy Director, Agricultural Economy Division, NDRC; Xiaohua Wang, Director, Biomass Energy Office of the Forestation, Division State Forestry Administration; Hongjun Zhou, Executive Vice President, Institute of New Energy, China University of Petroleum(Beijing); Qiao Yang,General Manger , CECEP Green Carbon Environmental Protection Co., Ltd; Guangdong Qu,Strategy & Marketing Director, UOP China, A Honeywell Company; Fengguang Du,Chief Engineer, ,Henan Tianguan Group Co. Ltd and Huiyong Zhuang, Director, S&T Department of National Bio Energy Co.,Ltd.

(High-end Level Discussion)

[Sub-Forums: Deep Communication by Various Topics and Activities]

At Biogas Forum, Xiujin Li, Director, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering,  Beijing University of Chemical Technology; Renjie Dong, CAU Branch Director; Yang Qiao, General Manager, CECEP Green Carbon Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.; Xiaolin Liu, China Marketing manager, Envitec AG; Zhigang Zhang, General manager,Senior engineer,Shanxi Fenxi Electromechanical Co.,LTD; Peter Cheng, General Manager, Xebec Adsorption Inc.; Roy Spee, Product manager CO2 & Biogas, Pentair Water Purification Systems (Shanghai) Co., LTD; Francois BARRAUD, Technical Director Aisa Air Liquide Advanced, Business&Technologies, Air Liquide; Alix Chen, Manager of membrane products for Asia-Pacific region, Evonik; Tong Boitin, Managing Director, Chengdu DeTong Environmental Engineering; Yinghai Liu, Technical Director, Beijing Golden Green Environmental Engineering &Technology co.,Ltd; Torsten Kock, Wittig Systems Director Engineering Specialist, GDW-Brocoo Pneumatic Technique Co. Ltd; Zongjun Cui, Professor of China Agriculture University; Antonio Saavedra, Senior sales executive, Greenlane; Shengli Cheng, Progect Manager, PURAC Environmental System (Beijing) Co.,Ltd; Zhenduo Fu, Flow product manager, Endress+Hauser (China) Automation Co., Ltd; Jiankun Cao, Vice -general Manager, Tianjin Hi-tech Enterprise Co., Ltd; Mingming Wang, Vice-general manager, Beijing Yingherui Environmental Engineering Co., LTD.; Yabin Zhang, General Manager, Power Link Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Rongbo Guo, Researcher, Qingdao Institue of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, CAS; Wenzhong Zhao, CTO, Beijing Polytide Machinery Co.,LTD; Yangyang Guo, Engineer, Yantai Moon Co., Ltd.; Marcelo Alvarez, Product managerfor Stafsjö valves in China, EBRO; Mark Leslie, Founder and CEO of Alternative Energy Corporation; Jiguo Zhang, Environmental and Energy Manager, NETZSCH (Lanzhou) Pumps Co., Ltd. and Mingyi Yan, Chief Engineer, COFCO Bioenergy Division etc. Joined the discussion.

(Biogas Forum)

At Advanced Biofuels and Biorefinery forum, Shizhong Li, Deputy Director, Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University; Guangdong Qu,Strategy & Marketing Director, UOP China, Honeywell Company; Jie Bao, Professor, East China University of Science &Technology; Xu Fang, Professor, Shandong University; Fengguang Du,Chief Engineer,Henan Tianguan Group Co. Ltd; Zongbao Zhao, Researcher, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS; Zhongming Wang, Researcher,Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS; Wei Du, Vice professor, Tsinghua University; Hanping Chen, Chief expert, Wuhan Optical Valley Blue-fire New Energy Co., Ltd.; Yifeng Chen, Professor, JAAS; Minsheng Liu, General Manager, Technical Center, ENN Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.; Hongzhang Chen, Researcher, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lu Lin, Associate Dean, Xiamen University; Xuebin Li, Researcher, Qingdao Institue of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, CAS; Shicheng Zhang, Vice Director ,Department of Environmental Science and Engineering and Hailong Lin, CTO, COFCO have attended.

(Advanced Biofuels and Biorefinery Forum)

At Biomass Heating and Power Generation Forum, Zhenghang Jia, Secretary-General. Secretary-General, China Alliance for Clean Stoves, CAREI; Yishui Tian, Researcher, Chinese Academy of Agriculture Engineering; Yongsheng Chen, Professor, Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural Mechanization; Xiaoliang Yang, General manager, Hebei Tiantaisheng Material Energy Development Co., Ltd; Dalei Zhang, Director, Liaoning Institute of Energy Resources; Hao Hong ,Chairman , Great Resources (Hui Nan) Co.,Ltd.; Hongru Xiao, Researcher, Nanjing Research Institute for Agriculture Mechanization; Huiyong Zhuang ,General Manager of S&T Department of National Bio Energy Co., Ltd; Xu Kai Ying, Sales manager, Shanghai Turbine Works Co., Ltd.; Miao li, Business manager, Chongqing Huanji Low -Carbon Energy Technology Development Co.,ltd; Youqing Wu, Professor, East China University of Science and Technology; Yuping Dong, Professor, Professor and tutor of Ph.D, Shandong University; Rundong Li, the director Academic Committee of Shenyang Aerospace University; Jianbin Kang, General Manager, Beijing Nowva Energy Technology Co., Ltd; Jianbin Zhou, Professor, Nanjing Forestry University; Yunyue Zhang, General manager, Everbright biomass energy (Wanzhong); Dongfei Gai, Engineer, Shandong Electic Power Energy Consulting Institute Corp.,Ltd and Qiang Lu, Associate Professor, North China Electric Power University joined the discussion.

(Biomass Heating and Power Generation Forum)

[Concurrent Activities: Products Technical Exhibition & One-On-One Interview]

Exhibitors Such as TIANJINHI-TECH, Xergi A/S, BEIJING CLINCI ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY, Beijing Fairyland, ANDRITZ, SIOEN COATED FABRICS, Putork, Bauer, Hengfengtai Reducer Mfg, SUSTAINABLE GREEN ENERGY, Heytex Neugersdorf, ADEKOM KOMPRESSOREN, Shijiazhuangshi ZHAOYANG Biogas Equipment,  Shanghai JACN Energy Environment Technology, YiBang Compressor, Zhong Cheng Environtec, EnviTec Biogas, EBRO, Fenxi Electromechincal, Vpower Group, Qingdao Green Land Environment Equipment, JIANGSU SUJING, Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument, Endress+Hauser, PURAC, Sichuan Jereh Hengri Nantural Gas Engineering, Hangzhou Linuo, Air Liquide, Franz Eisele und Soehne, Power Link, Polytide, Evonik, Xebec Adsorption, SUMA, MIXEL, Rocktek, Eaton, Tiantai Biomass, TONFUS, ASIA BIOMASS, PENTAIR WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEMS, YANTAI MOON, ONUEE, Polytechnik, IKA, Sifang Greenlane Dingzhou Clean Energy and Technologies etc..

(Communication and Exhibition)

What impresses me most about BBS summit has two aspects. Firstly, the enthusiasm of exhibitors is very high, and the conference site is full of people, this is really good, it means people here desire to do this and want to know more. Secondly, BBS summit share the latest situation and development of bioenergy industry timely, transfer enterprises confidence and voices, then let the decision makers to know what they are thinking and how to help them.

---Xu Cheng, Former Director, S&T Dept. of Ministry of Agriculture/Professor, China Agriculture University

The summit is very huge and we hope BBS organizing committee can help promote the scientific and technological advances achieved by experts and enterprises in the bioenergy industry, and offer a great opportunity for people to have a better understanding of them and also help their promotion.

---Qisheng Zhang, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering

(One-On-One Interview)

[Biogas Project Base Visit, Learn in Practice]

To rich the summit content, BBS 2016 organizing committee had arranged a technical visit after BBS Summit, the visit place is sludge treatment plant in south Tianjin, they have 800 tons sludge anaerobic purification project, more than 100 people visited and they got more practical experience after this visit.

(Biogas Project Base Visit)

BBS SUMMIT has been the most significant platform for global bioenergy, 70+ keynote speeches, 50+booths, 600+delegatesLooking forward to see you in BBS 2017.

BBS 2016 Organizing Committee

Jenny Wu

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