Call for Papers

Call for Papers of BBS 2017

                                                                                                             Call for Papers of BBS 2017

2017 China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit will be held from Mar. 16th-17th, 2017 in Shanghai. This summit is a high-quality international bioenergy conference. BBS 2017 will fully summarize the latest technologies and products of bioenergy at home and abroad. Besides, BBS 2017 will discuss the development trend of bioenergy and promote the development and progress of China new bioenergy by learning the latest technologies and experience of global bioenergy.

In order to enhance the communication, now we are calling for papers from enterprises, institutes, relevant universities & colleges home and abroad. The notes as below:

1.Topics of the Paper:

Combined with National Conditions, Developing Chinese Characteristics Road of Bioenergy

2.The Scale of Papers:

1)Biogas (Large-scale Biogas Plant & Biomethane Plant; Market Demand & Policy-oriented; Biogas & Biomethane Solutions Based on Different Feedstock; Investment and Financing;Investment Prospects & Business Mode Analysis; Investment Prospects & Business Mode Analysis; Engineering Design; Site Selection and Entire Distribution;Design Standard; Storage and Pretreatment System; Anaerobic Digestion System; CHP; Intelligent Monitoring System; Biogas Utilization System; Biogas Manure Utilization System; Project Operations & Management etc.)

2)Advanced Biofuels (Market Demand & Policy-oriented,Investment and Financing, Raw Material Supplies, Scale Production,Harvesting and Pretreatment Technology; Converting Technology; Cellulosic Ethanol; Biodiesel; Aviation Biofuels; Bio-based Chemicals Production; Preparation of Cellulosic Ethanol from Corn Cob/Sweet Sorghum etc.)

3)Bio-power (Biomass Power Generation; Policies and Market; Investment and Financing; Investment Perspectives and Business Model Analysis; Risks and Contermeasures; The Feasibility Study of PPT Model Construction; Engineering Design; Site Layout Planning; Technology Roadmap; Storage and Transportation Technology and Equipment for Biomass Raw Materials; Biomass Direct Combustion/ Co-combustion Power Generation; Biomass Boiler Technology and Equipment; Biomass-fired Steam Turbine and Equipment; Smoke Pollution Control Technology and Equipment; Project Cases )

4)Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating (Market Demand & Policy-oriented, Biomass Pellet, Raw Material: Resource Potential and Collection-Carry-Store Technology; Biomass Fuel: Market Demand, Standard, Testing and Certification; The Management and Administration of Biomass Particle Enterprises; Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating; Combustion and Gasification; Analysis of Application; Certification Standards and Energy-saving and Emission-reduction; Energy Management Contract (EMC) etc.)

3. Requirement of the Papers

The content of the papers should conform the topics, have new ideas. The text should be concise. View should be clear. Relevant pictures (Pls dont more than three pictures) and other materials can be attached.

4. Language and Length of the Papers

Please offer the papers in Chinese or English or both (no more than 2000 words).

5. Information of Author

It should include the name, company, birth, main research direction, position, title, address,

phone, fax and email. Please check carefully and make sure all information are exactly right.


Papers (including pictures) should be submitted by email The subject of email should mark BBS 2017 papers


Jenny Wu

Tel: +86 21-80318805; +86 21-51865663




Address: Room 712, Building 8, Jiang Qiao Wanda Square, Shanghai,China


Deadline: Feb.28, 2017

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